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How did you first get involved in the wedding industry?

I’ve always loved makeup and styling so it wasn’t much of a surprise to my friends and family when I enrolled in a makeup and hair program. After receiving my diploma, I started working as a manager for a makeup line while moonlighting as a makeup artist in the film/fashion industry. Customers would often come see me for advice and makeup services before their special events. Eventually, clients started asking me to work professionally for their brides on-site, so I took the plunge and opened up a new company specializing in bridal/special event makeup/styling services.

What do you love most about your job? 

A bride puts an incredible amount of trust into my hands on her big day. Although that can be a little daunting, I find it to be incredibly rewarding when I’m able to help a bride realize the look she imagined for years. It feels wonderful seeing a bride glow with happiness in front of her loved ones.

What has been your most memorable client experience to date?

My most memorable client is a bride that I worked with in May of 2018. The night before her wedding, the bride and her fiancé celebrated with a few friends over dinner and red wine. I arrived at her hotel the next morning to do her makeup and hair and something didn’t look right. She was stressed because she needed to work on her speech, so she asked me to work on her hair as she finished the speech.

Finally, the time came to do her makeup and after a careful examination of her skin, I knew immediately she had hives! She had an allergy to red wine but had never had a reaction so intense before. Not knowing what to do, I did a quick Google search and it turned out that Solange Knowles had an allergy on her wedding day and Benadryl helped. Thankfully, I was carrying Benadryl tablets in my purse at the time. This was one of the hardest makeup applications of my life, since every brush stroke hurt her skin and she was so swollen. When I left her, the hives were still very intense, however, 30 minutes later the bride sent me a text saying her face was completely normal and she loved her look.  

What does your typical work day look like?

Each day is so different that a typical day doesn’t really exist. Weekdays, Monday to Thursday, are primarily spent on office work and bridal trials. Most of this time is spent on scheduling artists, social media, and responding to clients. The weekends, Friday to Sunday, are spent entirely out of the office with clients. I often begin with my first client as early as 4am. During peak wedding season, a typical day can involve three bridal bookings: an early morning appointment at 4am, a morning appointment at 8am, and an afternoon bride at 12pm.

From where do you draw your inspiration and ideas?

Magazines (including WedLuxe of course!), social media, and fashion weeks. Social media is the biggest and easiest way to follow trends and popular artists. General trends and ideas are often drawn from runway shows and fashion weeks (e.g. thicker, bushier brows, dewy skin, etc). Though some fashion show looks may be too intense for bridal, many of the overall concepts and trends can be adopted into bridal looks.

What is your current guilty pleasure?

A Starbucks latte, current and always! I am notorious for my addiction to toffee nut lattes, I must confess. Many of my clients have come to know my favourite drink because they have seen me walk into a booking so often with a coffee in hand.

What’s next for you and your company?

While I personally have been working in the makeup and hair industry for a few years, I have just opened the company recently and we have been having great success.  Though the first two years of business are often the hardest, Afterglow Studios has been very well received and we are focusing on growing our clientele base. We are even planning to launch a specialized luxury package for grooms in the new year.





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